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Motion at the Mill: A New Center for Dance

There is a New Dance Movement in Santa Cruz

As 2010 draws to a close, the hammers began to swing and the renovation of the old
Mill Gallery at 131 Front St., has officially commenced.  After a year of preparation,
Motion Pacific Studio and Santa Cruz Dance have come together, exploring intimate
dance performance rooted in Motion Pacific’s strong commitment to dance education.
The renovated space will provide a unique experience for audience members and artists
and will include two new studios for classes and rehearsal space, as well as a visual
arts gallery.

Highlights of the project include:
· 120-seat performance space, high ceilings, good ventilation, and a  technological
upgrade  to enhance production values;
·  two new classroom/rehearsal studios;
·  lobby and a new visual arts gallery.

The Space
This new 3600 square foot space will support a program strong in Dance education,
administration and presentation.. The large studio (1800 sq FT) provides an ideal
setting for Motion Pacific’s wide range of Dance classes, while also serving as
an intimate performance space, curated by Santa Cruz Dance. A smaller studio (1200
sq FT) will be committed to a second teaching studio, hosting classes specific to
lyrical, jazz, contemporary and ballet.

Santa Cruz Dance
Dedicated to supporting a culture where integrity, discipline, and imagination are
central to dance as art, Santa Cruz dance (SCD) is a Dance presenting organization
operating with 501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship under Dancers Group San Francisco. Having
established a reputation for large community festival events including National
Dance Week Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Ethnic Dance Festival, SCD is excited to
be part of an intimate venue designed specifically for the presentation of Dance

Motion Pacific Studio
For 12 years Motion Pacific has been committed to dance education and performance.
Motion Pacific seeks to strengthen community across dance genres, bringing traditional,
street, folk and contemporary dance to the theatre and streets. Encouraging the growth and artistic expression of dancers and choreographers, Motion Pacific, provides a strong center of discipline and community for dancers of all ages and levels.

The Ronn Reinberg Dance Theater
Anyone  who has had any involvement with Dance performance in Santa Cruz over  the
last 30 years will understand why it is such an honor to dedicate  the naming of
our performance space to someone who gave so much to the  community and supported
Dance in Santa Cruz in so many ways. Whether  serving as a consultant, a designer,
a technician or a fan, Ronn was  always an advocate for the beauty of dance and
the power of performance.

Building a Strong Dance Community
Santa Cruz enjoys a long and rich history as a community with a deep and unwavering
support for Dance. Today we are excited to be launching a fundraising campaign to
raise the final funds needed to complete this project. By joining us a s a contributor,
you will be part of fulfilling our goal of creating a dynamic and sustaining home
for dance in Santa Cruz.

You can help create this dynamic new center for Dance by becoming a Founding Dance
Partner.  What ever your comfort or capacity, we Will find a contribution opportunity
for you. Because of this extraordinary partnership only $30,000 is needed to complete
this facility and open the doors this winter. Donate Now at Dancers’ Group under Santa Cruz Dance.

Levels of Contribution for the Building

$5000+ – Dance Floor Angels
Our new Space will feature 1800 square feet of ash sprung floors in the performance
space as well as an additional 1200 square feet in the Loft studio. Your tax-deductible
donation of *$5000 or more will greatly help with the cost of these floors. Your contribution
will be acknowledged with a permanent plaque, prominently displayed in the studio.

$2500+ – Steps
A set of stairs will be installed leading from the Performance Studio to the Loft
studio.  Your $2500 contribution will pay for your name on the face of one step.

$50-$2000 – Dance Partners
Your Contribution of $50-$2000 will help with specific equipment needs for the space.
Your name will be etched, embroidered or stamped on your piece of equipment as appropriate
and displayed in the lobby among the Founding Dance Partners.

$2000 – Light Board or Sound Board

$1000 – Risers

$1000 – Curtains

$750 – Doors

$500 – Speakers

$250 – Lighting Dimmers

$200 – Lighting instruments

$125 – Seats

$50-$124 – Hardware helpers

When we ask you to support Santa Cruz Dance, we are asking you to be an integral part of nourishing inspiration and creation in our community.  Please, join me in contributing to Santa Cruz Dance and make your tax-deductible donation today.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Abra Allan
Founder/Director, Santa Cruz Dance

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