Welcome to the SantaCruzDanceBlog!

Welcome to the SantaCruzDanceBlog

the latest, the greatest, the most awesome, superduper, gloriously magnificent …okay, its just a blog but we are really excited about it. Here’s our current vision for it.

The blog will compliment the stated goals of its parent organization

Santa Cruz Dance. Com

to create and share resources, to encourage conversation and promote collaboration, and to inform the public about the “importance and contributions of Dance to our daily lives and culture.” With those ends in mind, this blog will

  1. be a public forum on which local dance artists voice their opinions and share their experiences
  2. provide reports and critical analysis of local productions with reviews and commentary by knowledgeable writers *
  3. serve as a central location for information about local studios, companies, and teachers with links to their web pages

* Our purpose is neither to bless nor damn the artists but  to provide dancers with critical feedback intended to push them to grow and develop as artists.

We will kick off the blog with reports and photos from the annual National Dance Week running April 29th-May 7th throughout Santa Cruz. Details of the events are on the SCD.com website.

Let us know how you would like the blog to serve you.

If you would like to contribute something contact the blog administrator, Renée Rothman at reneerothman@gmail.com


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